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Posted by Joe Russell on February 16, 2004 at 18:09:30:
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I have a similar problem in my house. We have two bathrooms that are adjacent to each other. When I run the shower in one bathroom, I get a septic smell in the other ... I'm trying to figure out what is going on but am stumped. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, I will let you know if I can fix the problem.


: Have you tried to isolate the (location of) smell? When the HVAC is not running? If you can pinpoint the source, then you can effectively deal with it.

: : : We moved into a 27 year old house and imediately replaced the old electric heat pump with a super hi efficiency gas furnace/ ac. We are on a septic tank system, too.
: : : When ever we put over 20 gallons of water into the septic system, (wash clothes, showers, baths, etc.) and run the furnace / AC, we get a horrible septic smell in the house. We have tried dozens of things to solve this problem, including 4 septic tank cleanings in 7 years!!! Could our system have "vents" in the walls that the high efficiency furnace draws into the house heating ducts??? We are desparate!!!

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