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Posted by thornton on February 16, 2004 at 17:10:58:
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: i am having the oppposite problem -- the high-end cutoff is not tripping, the pump never stops; i can't find anything about troubleshooting on the 'net but is suspect my diaphragm is shot.

: 9013FTW2S100 square-d -- not even a year old!!!!

I find that one of three things happen to a pressure switch to cause it to malfunction. I have experienced two of the three. 1- contact points get burned--I simply turn power off and file them back into shape.2- Mud gets into the diaphram tube and stops it up-- I simply clean it out-gently. 3-diaphram goes-I have never experienced that one. I used to buy a new switch everytime something went wrong-but found that the problem was easy for me to fix(I like to fix things and not replace now--sounds cheap-HUH) Good luck

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