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Posted by hj on February 16, 2004 at 13:51:50:
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For that distance I would suggest at least 1 1/2" pipe and 2" would be better since the added cost would be minimal. Using a smaller pipe with a booster pump would not help a lot, since the water flow would be restricted and then the booster would pull a vacuum causing other problems.

: I have a water well on my property. I need to run pipe from my well to my homesite. It is about 1700 feet - about a 10 foot incline. The well has a 50 gallon pressure tank and puts out about 60 psi. The well has a 1 1/2 external pipe fitting. Three questions please:

: 1. What size pipe should I run to my home?
: 2. What is the least expensive and acceptable pipe material I should use?
: 3. Would I be better off using skinny pipe with a pressure booster near my home site?

: Thanks a lot.

: Mike

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