Help on basement venting ?
Posted by Jerome on February 16, 2004 at 13:11:29:
Had plumbing for a basement bathroom roughed in per new home construction contract. What I believe to be vent pipe (2 in) is located approx 1 ft back from a toilet drain opening in the concrete floor. I know very little about plumbing and am in process of having local plumbers quote install for me. My question is how does one vent the vanity and tub we plan on installing? Specifically I can see how the vent pipe would be used for all 3 fixtures but where does this get tied into? Shouldnt there be a roughed in vent pipe from the 1st or 2nd floors above to allow mating to the new stack for the basement bathroom? Did the contractor forget something? I sure dont want to have walls torn down in a 1 yr old home...

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