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Posted by hj on February 16, 2004 at 10:03:04:
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It all depends on the communication during the construction. If the unit is a tub/shower installation, I usually discuss with the customer whether they want the valve convenient for the tub or the shower. It appeared that yours was mounted so a shower user would not have to bend over to make a temperature adjustment. That would be the more common thing. Normally the tub is filled before using it and so the height would not be a problem. The same situation could be present as far as the shower height, if no indication, or instruction, was given for a special need. I do not think there was a misunderstanding on the part of the cabinet company as to the location of the sink. If you wanted it offset it would be towards the edge of the countertop. The real problem appears to be a mirror that is too narrow. Sconce lights can be a problem unless you know ahead of time which ones you will be using since the opening for mounting them can be almost anywhere depending on the exact one you use. The best tile installation, i.e., no narrow pieces around the edges, or matching tile joints through the doorway, may mean that it is not installed "centered" in the room. All you can do is bring up the items and see which are valid concerns and which occurred due to lack of communication, or foresight as to your eventual needs.

: We are in the process of having a bathroom remodeled. I have noticed some problems. We had a whirpool installed and the "faucet" (It is a one piece unit)is located so high that I will not be able to add hot water while seated in the tub. I am mobillity impaired by arthritis, so having to stand up to do this is literally a pain. Also, this is a bath/shower combination, and there is a unit that contains massage jets for the shower. They are placed at a height where, to put it as delicately as I can, a massage with any vigor would be quite painful if I were facing the water supply. Also, I will not be able to reach the shower head to adjust it.

: Also, we had a half bath installed and whenever the toilet is flushed, a big air bubble comes up.
: There are other problems, too, but they are carpentry rather than plumbing related. The mirror is much too high, and we asked them to install sconces in addition to the bar light and the sconces are almost the same height as the bar, negating the whole purpose of cross-lighting. (I am 5'3" which I think is about average for a woman.) Also, the floor tile was not centered in the room and the door on the half bath doesn't close properly. The vanity top was ordered with an offset sink -- I think that was a misunderstanding, but the result is that when standing at the sink you are at the edge of the mirror (the vanity top is 42" and the mirror is 30") The swanstone was finished with white caulk, rather than matching, and the lines are quite thick in spots, making the look not even as good as fiberglass,which would have been much cheaper.

: I will be speaking with the contractor this week and want to know in advance if I am being unreasonable to want these things fixed. Which of these things should I be expected to pay for to make these things right?

: Thanks for any guidance you can give me.


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