Water Hammer on Frozen pipes?
Posted by Snowlock on February 16, 2004 at 03:51:27:
I am trying to find "the mystery noise" that has suddenly taken over my house. It sounds/feels like someone is hitting the floor or wall somewhere with a sledgehammer. Thus I am assuming it is the problem called water hammer. (if not please enlighten me)
It seems to be happening in 2 places though. It took me a few days to notice, but both rooms it seems to be happening (near..in?) have outside spigots for a hose on the wall somewhere. Is it possible that the pipes are frozen and thus I am getting a water hammer effect of the water hitting ice or is this something else.
If it is frozen all I can think to do is buy the heating wire and wrap the spigots in that and insulation somehow. any advice is welcome.

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