Re: Copper pipe leak at slab
Posted by Hube on February 15, 2004 at 18:54:44:
In response to Re: Copper pipe leak at slab
: I have a leak in my hot water pipe where it leaves the water heater and goes down through the slab. It seems to be just a crack at the slab level. It is a VERY minor leak and is just where the pipe meets the slab. Is there any method of cutting the pipe and sleeving it (inside the pipe) where it passes through the slab to keep from opening the slab? BILL: No, Dont' take the short approach. Do it right, then its done. Shut off the water,at the tank, open a hot tap or two, dig out the concrete a few inches past this broken part and replace it (pipe & couplings.. (sweat solder) Good luck...Hube

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