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Posted by Deb on February 15, 2004 at 10:49:08:
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: I have recently wrote because we were getting very low water pressure after a "licensed" plumber installed a pressure reducing valve. We had them remove the valve last week and now we have extremely low water pressure and terrible water hammer. After noticing a small amount of water in the basement below where they removed the valve my husband tore open the installation and we can't believe what we found. Just ten inches below where this plumber installed the PRV was a PRV.

: We are having another plumber come out tomorrow and replace the existing PRV and then I am writing the owner of the first company a steaming letter.

: My question is: Can have two PRV's cause any damage to our pipes? We have been living a plumbing nightmare since December.

No, two PRVs can in no way cause any damage to your system.
I'm having a little trouble understanding what is really going on here. Why did you hava a PRV installed in the first place? Why did you have the PRV removed? Did the low pressure start when the PRV was installed? Removed? Why didn't the plumber take care of it then? What do you mean when you say your husband "tore open the installation"? Was the original PRV hidden behind a wall or something? What is the actual pressure now (this is different than volume which may actually be your problem)? Water hammer can denote excess pressure. Why are you writing a nasty letter to the company before you actually know what is wrong? Have you checked the screen in the PRV to see if it is clogged? Have you made sure that all the valves are fully open? Have aerators been removed and cleaned? It is common for debris inside pipes to break loose any time water is shut off and pipes are worked on.
In very high pressure areas, I will often install two (on purpose) :-)
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