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Posted by Marc , plumber in California on February 15, 2004 at 02:33:15:
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: My plumber is getting ready to install a Gerberit Tessera wall hung toilet. He is not familiar with the brand or with this type of carrier system for home installation and was questioning the diameter of the pipes and how well it will function.Do you have any information that you could give me. I want to have a wall hung toilet in my bathroom but after hearing his comments I'm a bit afraid of my choice. Will greatly appreciate your opinion on this matter. Sincerely, Mrs.Dominguez
We have done quite a few of these Geberit toilets. The complaints are: poor flush of solids (requires double flush) and skid marks that don't wash away on the first flush. Geberit does make a pressure assist model, wall hung which has very good flushing action, is supposed to have low tank noise, but some customers still don't like the whoosh sound of water exiting the bowl.

As to diameter of pipes. It takes a standard 3" drain line, requires a 2x6 wall specailly built for the wall assembly, and requires a 2" vent downstream of the drain, just like a standard toilet would need. The installation takes quite a bit more time, so expect to pay considerably more for the installation at rough and at finish. The remote actuator kit is a nice additional touch and also takes lots of time to asssemble thanks to the incredibly poorly written and illustrated instruction booklet.
Also, the drain no-hub fitting is designed to be nearly impossible to tighten, due to its placement right at floor level, with no adjustability.
The pressure assist model has better drain options, including cast iron plus left and right options.

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