Replacing Cast Iron Toilet Flange
Posted by Andrew on February 14, 2004 at 15:42:35:
I have a 40 year old house with cast iron DWV pipes. I am currently remodelling the bathrooms (1.5 baths). When removing the linoleum I discovered the subflooring was water damaged, so I am planning to replace. Is the correct procedure to (1) break out the old cast iron flange, (2) remove/replace subfloor, (3) install new flange?
A few more questions -
1. when breaking out the cast iron flange, will the lead/oakum seal come out cleanly? is it tricky to remove?
2. should I consider replacing the cast iron flange with PVC flange and adapter instead?
3. should I consider replacing the entire main drain with PVC?
4. should I leave the cast iron work to a professional?

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