Re: Radiant heat, Gas or Oil, Furnace vs. Hot water heater????
Posted by Leland Thomas on February 14, 2004 at 10:56:14:
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: I have received conflicting recommendations regarding a hot water heater for heating (radiant under floor) and domestic hot water use. My plumber has advised me that I should use a cast iron furnace with a large storage tank and not a water heater. An oil and gas hot water heater manufacturer suggested oil heat with a large hot water heater with a minimum 100-gallon storage and recovery rate of over 200 gallons p/hour. A radiant heat company suggested gas fuel as preferred promoting a 96% efficient 50-gallon storage with 120-gph recovery and as an oil alternative a Bock unit with a 50-gallon storage and 166-gph recovery.
: Facts:
: 1) A new home 2,863 sq. ft.
: 2) Location: Portland, Maine
: 3) Fuel source available either propane, electric or oil.
: 4) Radiant heat
: 5) Water: 79 PSI
: 6) No more than 4 occupants
: 7) Standard dishwasher and washing machine
: 8) Two and half bathrooms including a master bath with a custom shower and steam room. The shower will have 10 Grohe outlets rated at 2.5 GPM each at 80 PSI.
: My question is what fuel and minimum tank storage size/recovery rate will give me sufficient hot water for this house?

: Thanks in advance for your help.

If you still have questions about your radiant heat,I'M HEATING A 5900 SQ.FT. house with a water heater rated 95+.We have 5 bathrooms a whilepool and 7 people. It heats domestic as well as myhouse on a 50 gal. unit.

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