Re: Sears well pump
Posted by Sam on February 14, 2004 at 10:44:32:
In response to Re: Sears well pump
I did as you instructed and to my great surprise found that the air pressure in the tank was 6# (so where did that pressure go? Do I have a leak? It seems to have been fine for several years now, but water in the tank may have frozen at the beginning of this problem´┐Ż). So I inflated the air pressure to 38# and it seems to be holding there: I checked it after an hour and it had not budged. But when I primed and restarted the pump, the gauge quickly raised up to 28# and would not go any higher. And now, it seems, my system does not even hold that pressure (up until now it had held this low pressure overnight). About five minutes after I shut off power to the pump, the pressure gauge on the tank (not the air pressure) had gone back down to almost nothing.
But I am optimistic, since you were correct about the lack of air pressure. What do you suggest next? Do I make some adjustment on the pressure switch? I still do not understand the instructions for adjusting it. Thanks for your patience´┐Ż

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