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Posted by hj on February 13, 2004 at 21:52:02:
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You can always see the water from the drain opening of almost all sinks. But the pipe into the wall has to be at least 2" lower than the opening on the side of the disposer, otherwise it will stand with water in it and create many problems, ranging from being noisy to the grinding plate or ring rusting.

: I would like to install a garbage disposal in my 1930s-era home, but it seems that the drain inlet is too high. Currently it is just at the height of the bottom of the basin. (You can see the water from above.) I could purchase a new sink basin, but it would need to be very shallow to place the drain inlet below a disposal drain. What to do? The drain inlet is part of a Y-shaped cast-iron connector joining the drain inlet, outlet, and vent together. I would need to take out part of the wall to replace it.

: thanks in advance for advice

: Mike

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