Re: Sump Pump Issue
Posted by Sean Mason on February 13, 2004 at 08:48:30:
In response to Re: Sump Pump Issue
: I have a sump pump with a check valve. My sump pump goes on every 15 minutes and when the cycle is complete I hear a loud slamming noise. Also I have black goop comming out of some of the joints in the plastic pipes? How can I fix these problems?
: Thanks for your help.
First off slamming is normal. Try cusioning some where the pipes meet the woodwork. Black goop!? Sounds like an Amytiville movie. Is it coming from rubber or plastic joints? If rubber tighten the clamps. if p.v.c.the joints may be poorly cemented. Best to wait till dry season and fix those. Good luck. Sean.

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