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Posted by e-plumber on February 13, 2004 at 07:35:03:
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: i'll try to make this short. my future daughter in law is accross the country...4 am there alone...not with full fuctioning arms and hands..sick..and needs to unclog her bathtub.
: she said the drain plug was push to close pull to open...cant say i've ever seen it. i suggested a plunger after chemicals didn't help but the plunger closes the plug.
: any ideas/links on how to remove the plug and when she gets that far, whats the best way to cover the overflow so the plunger can be used.
: thanks for any advice
: far-away mom

My advise would be to hire a plumber. If your DIL does not have full fuctioning arms and hands, this will be quite a task.
If she has a friend to help her, there could be a set screw which holds the drain plug in place. To plug the overflow, use a wet rag while plunging.
BUT, since chemicals are in the drain line, this method can be very dangerous because of splashing. Call a plumber to snake the drain.
Good Luck. e-plumber

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