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Posted by hj on February 12, 2004 at 08:13:29:
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You may have more than one problem. One, or both elements or thermostats could be bad causing the water to overheat. This gives you four things to check. In addition, a bad connection or a bad "safety switch" on the upper thermostat could cause it to pop out and require resetting. If you do not have the heater serviced and repaired, and merely keep resetting the button, eventually it will fail and then you will have to replace the unit in addition to finding the real problem.

: I have a Reliance 501 240v electric water heater. MN: 53020R56F, 30 gal. The unit quit heating, I found and reset a circuit breaker on the unit under a cover. The unit heated fine that day. A few days later it quit again. I am assuming resetting the breaker would allow it to heat. But I am looking for troubleshooting info to fix it permanently. Thanks

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