Re: Pressure assist toilet - intermittent weak flushes
Posted by e-plumber on February 11, 2004 at 19:56:17:
In response to Re: Pressure assist toilet - intermittent weak flushes
: Hello! We installed an American Standard pressure assist toilet about five months ago. Up until now, it has always had a nice powerful flush. Recently, we have experienced a weak flush (water does not fully evacuate the bowl) every now and then. Now, only 1/3 or 1/4 of the flushes are powerful (the rest are weak).

: A plumber snaked the toilet, but there were no blockages, and the problem continues. He confirmed that there was not a problem with the main line, as we are experiencing no problems throughout the rest of the house.

: This is a brand new toilet; is the Flushmate flushing mechanism failing already? Or does the fact that we still have the occasional strong flush point to something else?

: Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Did the plumber test that the pressure assist unit is operating correctly? An adjustment or repair may be needed if the drain has been confirmed clear, debris may have entered the unit and caused it to malfunction.

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