Re: Toto toilet question?
Posted by Terry Love on February 11, 2004 at 18:48:04:
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I don't know whether they were referring to the $99 Toto or the ones with the G-Max flush.
Water on the G-Max bowls rinses down from the top of the bowl.
Most of the action is down low from the siphon jet.
All 1.6 gallon toilets use less water than before.
There is some choice as to where you want the water to go, down the bowl for more washing, or positioned to clear the bowl.
An easy cheat to add more bowl wash, is to hold the handle down longer.

: I read on another forum page that the Toto brand toilet does not swirl as the ones we are used to. Poster said they leave "tracks".
: Anyone had this problem? I'm shopping for Bathroom fixtures for our bathroom remodel. A new toilet is on my list.
: How about the noise? Are there quieter ones out?
: We have a 34 year old Briggs, original to our house. What a racket it makes!

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