Re: reduced water pressure after installing water softener
Posted by Hube on February 11, 2004 at 18:47:20:
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: : : I recently installed a waterboss 700 watersoftener. The water pressure throughout the house has been reduced. I have an Amtrol WX-202 tank and a Pumptrol SquareD class 9013 pressure switch.

: : : 1) Is this normal?
: : : 2) Do I need to add air to the tank to compensate for 10' of new plumbing?
: : : 3) Can I adjust the cut-in of the switch for added pressure?
: : : 4) Any other remedies?

: : : Thanks.JOE What is the cut-in and cut-out pressures set at now? The instructions are on the inside cover of the 9013 switch. Post back if you need adjustment info....Hube

: Its suppose to be 30/50 but the gauge reads 28/48. JOE: By turning the LARGE NUT CW you can raise BOTH the on and off pressures equally. A FULL turn may bump it up to 35/55 or so. A differential of 20 is best.(the small nut ,when turned CW only raises the cut-out pressure. As you have a 20 differential now, do not adjust this small nut. You will have to experiment with various settings, but it is best not to surpass a 40/60 setting. Also, remember that the pressure tank should have 2 lbs less (this is important) air than the "cut-in" setting. This enables the tank to hold the amount of water it was designed to hold. If you have any more questions, no problem. Hube

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