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Posted by hj on February 11, 2004 at 08:08:37:
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Each radiator is independent. If it is a hot water system you "balance" them by adjusting the individual valves to control the speed that they heat up. If it is a steam system you balance it with adjustable air vents, also to control the speed of heating. None of this has anything to do with radiators not getting hot at all. Depending on whether it is hot water or steam, the cure would be different. But a hot water system would have the problem if the radiators needed venting, the circulator pump was failing, or there were changes in the radiator's piping. Obviously we cannot tell the exact cause without seeing the system and feeling the radiators.

: I have recently replaced many of my leaking lockshield valves on my central heating system, however some of my radiators get hot, some warm and others cold. I have been informed that the system needs balancing. Is this correct? If so, can somebody give me advice on how to do this!

: Many thanx.....

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