pressure loss after power outage-LONG
Posted by Deana on February 11, 2004 at 07:49:06:

I'm hoping someone can offer guidance. First let me give some background. We are on a well system a and have had good water presssure since we lived here (2yrs). We do have an inline filter on the house (which collects alot of sand on a monthly basis by-the-way-a whole different issue). The water is high in copper(?) because when the filter isn't changed we get the lovely blue stain in the tubs and sinks. Now onto the problem.

Yesterday I was out watering our animals and noticed after awhile that their troughs weren't filling. Initially water had come out, but when I pulled the hose out to check it was dry. I went into the house and found no power-called the power company and they had shut it down to fix a line. Needless to say after about an hour the power came back on and now when I use any water in the house the pressure is very low. Initially, when I first turn the faucet on, it seems the pressure is back to normal, but after about a second or so it drops back to a weak flow. I thought maybe since I drained the holding tank while filling the animal water it would just take some time to recover. This morning is the same thing is happening. The only other thing I can offer is it is one of the skinny (PVC) wells, we have a holding tank, pressure tank, and an inline filter that is situated after the tanks but before the water enters the house. Any troubleshooting info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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