Replacement plumbing routed outside of house?
Posted by Mike R. on February 10, 2004 at 18:52:44:
I live in San Diego and own a 1934 house with galvanized pipes. I am planning to replace them all with copper as they are original and our water pressure is dying and I know they are clogging up. Most of the pipes are accessable from within the house and under the house. The problem is with the second story bathroom. The plumbing to the second story is buried in the walls behind lathe, plaster and tile. My wife and I want to keep the original and unreplacable upper bathroom tile intact. Also we don't want to pay for all the labor of tearing out tons of lathe and plaster wall material all the way up the wall to run the hot and cold pipes from the crawl space to the second floor. Our plumber suggested routing the upstairs pipes up the outside of the house and into the second story bathroom. He said it is done regularly in San Diego's temperate climate on old houses to avoid the huge labor costs of removing/repairing plaster and lathe. It would be run up the back of the house and it would not distract from the looks of our house. He said they can be painted the house color or covered with a channel cover for looks. Does this sound feasable? Any major drawbacks?

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