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Posted by hj on February 10, 2004 at 16:06:30:
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The charts are not usually concerned about the water meter and begin their calculation just beyond it. Your water department can tell you the capacity of the water meter at your system's pressure. The city would normally install the new service and their fees would depend on their policy. Some areas just charge the difference between the 5/8" you have and the 3/4" or 1" you would upgrade to. Others might charge the full fee for the new one. And still others could add on a "development" fee because you would be using more water. You would have to call them for the cost.

: I am thinking about putting a bathroom in my basement. After calling the water department, it seems that I have a 5/8" tap and a 1" service. There is about a 30' run from the sidewalk to the meter, and the futhest fixture would be 30' from that. What is the max fixture units I can have? Find lots of charts with 3/4 or 1", but I can't find anywhere where the 5/8" is mentioned. If I need a new service, it will definately put a hold on the new bath. Any idea how much the new service would cost?
: Thanks.

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