Re: Neo Angle Shower Install
Posted by Joe Home Owner on February 10, 2004 at 10:07:26:
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It is not a modular install it's a floating base and 2 walls that are glued to the drywall. There is a tab on top of the base that looks like it should go behind the drywall but the instructions say to cut out the drywall and place a filler strip in the void (it's about 3/16"). The instructions do not say if the walls should be painted or not.

: If this is a one piece shower stall then it should have been installed before the green board was in place, and then the green board would have been placed over the "lip" around the shower stall's perimeter. If it is a modular stall, then the instructions should tell you at which stage the walls should be installed, although the majority will also indicate that the stall be assembled prior to installing the green board.

: : I am in the middle of installing a neo angle shower stall. I have hung the green water resistent drywall throughout the bathroom and have a few ???s before continuing.
: : 1. Should I finish the drywall before mounting the shower walls? i.e. Mud, finish, and paint

: : 2. The instructions say to glue a filler strip on the top edge of the base flush with the wall. What is typically used for this filler strip?

: : thanks

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