Maax Whirlpool - bad experience
Posted by Sofia on February 10, 2004 at 09:51:26:
We just installed Maax Topaz whirlpool with Backmax and we are greatly disappointed, but it�s there and nothing I can do. It�s very noisy, I do not think one can relax while having so much noise around. But even worth � with all this noise you can barely feel the water movement on some of the jets or real back massage even on the highest setting. I would never ever recommend to any of my friends to buy Maax, their service is terrible as well. First whirlpool we got had OVAL overflow hole in it and had to be replaced. We waited for replacement for more than one month � they are not in a hurry in Canada. Is it only us who have bad experience with Maax products and service?

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