Re: Electric water heater for floor heat.
Posted by hj on February 10, 2004 at 09:11:19:
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All electric heaters have the same recovery, unless the elements are changed or the wiring is properly revised. The same thing with a gas heater given an equal btu input. The recovery is not the factor, except for the fact that it is a function of the energy input, whether btu or watts. Your floor apparently needs more than 4500 watts of input. You could try using 5500 watt elements. If they are just adequate, the heater will still run most of the time, but the heat will be more even. A water heater is sometimes a poor substitute for a proper boiler,

: I am having trouble with my floor heat keeping the temp (air) constant. I seem to have about an 7-8 degree swing and when the outside temp is really cold, it really don't keep up at all. My area is only 30x40 ft. The water heater is a 40 gal electric with a pump and an expansion tank installed in the line. I have a heat only Honeywell thermostat on the wall (inside wall). The water heater hardly ever shuts off. Should I have used a gas heater instead? I understand gas will recover quicker.

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