Re: Pin hole leaks in copper pipe?
Posted by nicktheplumber on February 10, 2004 at 01:03:37:
In response to Re: Pin hole leaks in copper pipe?
: Pinhole leaks are usually just an indicator that the entire joint is bad. Usually you cannot "resolder" them because the surfaces inside have been contaminated by contact with the water and you have to take them apart and reclean the joint and start over.

Even the best of us wind up with a leaky joint now and then, but having several (three) leaky joints in one run of pipe indicates sloppy soldering technique.

The most certain cure is to redo the joints, but if you can drain out the water from the line you could try reheating the joints and running solder into them. There are two reasons for failed solder joints: 1)you didn't adequately clean and flux the joint; and, 2) you didn't apply adequate heat or solder to the joint. Always clean your joints and use good flux, and use an adequate heat source. As regards heat source, an acetylene outfit beats those hand-held propane rigs every time.

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