Re: adding basement toilet
Posted by nicktheplumber on February 10, 2004 at 00:52:09:
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The question that I think you want answered is "how do I cut down the 6" stub so that I can attach a toilet flange to it?"

The answer is that: 1) it depends on the pipe material (cast iron, copper, plastic); and, 2)in any case you need special tools to cut the pipe.

For plastic pipe, you can cut the stub with a hand or electrical (reciprocating) saw flush to the floor. Bosch makes a flush-cut saw that works well. Then you can use an internal pipe cutter (Rigid) to cut below the floor so your flange will set right (laying just atop the floor).

For cast iron, you can snap-cut close to the floor, then you need to cut the stub down further to fit the flange. Trimming CI to below the floor is a bear of a job, but I usually manage it with a cutting wheel to score out the inside of the pipe all around and then remove it, so the flange can be seated. Because doing this for CI pipe is such a pain in the ass, competent installers would never leave a CI toilet stub sticking 6" out of the slab in the first place...

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