Re: Why do they call it a "street elbow"
Posted by hj on February 09, 2004 at 23:16:24:
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The thing left out of the expanation was that the water and gas mains were usually located in the street, so that is the reason they were called "street" ells.

: I was told this many years ago when I asked the same question.

: Back in the good old days before tapping saddles and corporations were used to connect water lines from the mains to the water meter, direct connections were made.
: A hole was drilled in an unpressurized water main, then tapped, and finished with an elbow threaded in the water main. These elbows had a short nipple then elbow pointing to the future meter location. The hole usually was tapped right on the top of the water main so a short nipple to elbow was used for start of the future service line.
: Street El's were developed to have 1 less threaded joint exposed to dirt for corrision. It also had a lower profile from snagging when the water main was dug up for repair or more service line additions.

: This was the general idea I was given many years ago.

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