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Posted by Deb on February 09, 2004 at 20:12:11:
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: My shower has a plastic pan, two and a quarter tiled walls, and the balance is glass. I noticed a leak because of discolouration of the linoleum next to the shower. Peeling back the lino reveals damp, swollen particle board. Notably, and thankfully, there is no sign of leakage on the ceiling of the room below. I have allowed the flooring to dry and regrouted and resealed the tiles. But within a week, the wood beneath the lino is again damp. Looks like I need professional help. Is this a job any plumber can do, or should I be asking some very specific questions?
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You need to discover the source of the leak. It could well be breaks in the grout and/or caulking that is letting water out and not a plumbing problem at all. A drain leak in a shower will generally show up on the ceiling below, not the floor. Actually the same is generally true of a leak in the water piping, too--the water will follow the pipe down, usually resulting in leakage shoing up at a point lower than the floor. This is not always true, but I would check grout, caulk, and any other joints before I called a plumber in.
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