Re: adding basement toilet
Posted by Gary Swart on February 09, 2004 at 15:30:48:
In response to Re: adding basement toilet
Get a flange and see how much you have to cut from the 6" stub. Get a flange that will fit inside of the pipe, so the stub can be cut flush. PVC is glued with PVC glue, for ABS, you use ABS solvent which chemically welds the pieces. For practical purposes, we usually just say, "Glue". The flange should set solidly on top of the finished floor, and it is anchored to the subfloor. If the finished floor is to be added later, put some pieces around the stub and under the flange. Best way I know of to screw the flange down is to use the flange as a template and mark where the screw anchors will go. Then use a rotary hammer drill to drill holes in the concrete for lead ferrels. As the flange is glued in position, align the holes and use stainless sheet metal screws into the ferrels. Then you can bring the finished floor up to those pieces when you install the flooring. There are other satisfactory ways of anchoring into concrete, I just like my way best.

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