Sewer-esqe smell
Posted by Tim on February 09, 2004 at 14:17:27:
We have a concrete crawlspace under our house that is great when it's dry. But the previous owner did not seal off the foundation blocks and we get a bit of moisture under the house when it rains (especially if it rains more than 1-2"). We also notice a "rotten egg" smell the morning after a big rain. It lasts for a day or so and then nothing. I've gone under the house after a big rain and can smell the odor there as well. But there is no odor after it drys out. I've also been under the house to inspect the sewer drain pipe to make sure we have no leaks. I've found nothing. When we do have the odor in the house, it is not coming from any of the bathrooms. It is mainly in the kitchen due to our Jenn-Aire stove venting underneath the house. Why would we be getting a sewer odor when we don't have any toilets backing up or a leak from the drain pipe under the house? The drain field is in a low spot and has water standing sometimes, but that doesn't explain why the odor is under the house and not in the bathrooms. What can we do? Should we have the tank pumped? I hesitate to call about that since I'm skeptical that most Septic Tank pumping services will tell you that you need it whether you really do or not. Again, it is only a problem after a large rain storm.

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