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Posted by Dan Strayer on February 09, 2004 at 13:41:45:
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: : I have a jet pump on a shallow well (it's under my house, and is about 20 feet deep). The well is relatively new; it was dug about 8 years ago to replace another that failed.

: : I also have a water softener that is about 12 years old.

: : Recently, I noticed that when the softener cycled, the pump turned off and on several times PER MINUTE!

: : I turned off the water softener. Now, it seems to me that the water pressure drops quite a bit, then the pump kicks on, and sometimes, the pump will kick off, then back on.

: : Occasionally, when NO appliance or water is running, the pump will turn on, then off after a second or 2.

: : This just started happening within the last month. Pressure switch? New PUMP needed (I have no idea how old this one is; we've lived in the house for 12 years and it was in place when we moved in)? Air tank leak (the tank was replaced several years ago)? Air injection valve leak? How do I tell what's wrong??? Thanks!
: Hi; It could be a couple of things, but start by checking the air pressure within the tank when it is EMPTY. It should have 2 lbs below the cut-in pressure. For example if the pump comes on at 30, there should be 28 in the tank .Use a bike pump (or similar)to put air in. Post back with results, etc and we will advise further.. Good luck, Hube

OK, when i went down to check the air pressure, I noticed that the pressure gauge was WELL past its 60 lb. limit! When the pump turned one, the pressure immediately went down to 25 lbs. or so, and stayed there. This is the usual point where the pump cuts on.

So i checked the pressure in the air tank. It was at 21 lbs. I pumped in air to get it to 23 lbs. This seemed to help for a day or 2. but yesterday, when I checked the pressure I could get NO reading in the tank. And it's acting like it was before (ie, the pump turns on/off freqeutnly0. I DID notice, though, that it doesn't turn on for a second, then cut off anymore when no appliance or water is running.

Further suggestions?

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