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Posted by Mike Freeman on February 08, 2004 at 19:32:34:
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Well, I have finally figured out what the problem was. The plumber installed the hot water supply line in the spot where the side spray should have gone, and vice versa. Everything is reinstalled, no leaks, and everything works properly.


: The plumber left because the supply line for the side spray was missing. He said that it was an easy install that we could do ourselves. So, in his defense, he couldn't really test the operation of the faucet before he left. There is hot water flowing into the body of the faucet, but it will not flow out. Additionally, when you move the mixer handle to the "hot" position, the flow shuts off completely.

: : : I have a Waterworks kitchen faucet. It is a single lever mixer. When the plumber installed the faucet, the hot water would not work. Thinking that there was a cartridge or diverter problem, I replaced both. Now the hot water still doesn't work, and there is a drip. I don't know what else to tighten or replace. I have tried several different ways to fix this problem, with no success. Any ideas? Many many thanks in advance.

: : : Mike

: : I don't quite understand this. Are you saying that your plumber left without the faucet operating correctly--no hot? I would say that you should get your plumber back out there to correct the problem.
: : You did ask for help however. Did you turn on the hot stop with the cartridge removed to see if you had water to the faucet and flush the line? Did you check to make sure the stop was fully on? Check the supply riser for debris. There are no magic answers. We generally start like you did and work backwards (we do not, however, replace parts unless they are defective:-)
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