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Posted by Deb on February 08, 2004 at 17:10:39:
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: Hello all,

: Recently had installed new cabinets in the kitchen. The original drain line from the sink cut across some cabinets next to the sink. There it tee'd with a vent line going into the wall and the drain going into the basement. when installing the new cabinets we cut out the drain line from the basement. We want to move the ventline to another part of the pipe, closer to where the drain line ties in with the main waste line. My question is if there are physical limits on how far a vent line should be from the drainline of the sink. basically moving the ventline split from above the floor approx 3 feet from the sink p-trap to under the floor approx 8 feet away from the sink p-trap. Is there any problem with having the vent line further away from the sink? TIA

UPC code requires that the P-trap be within 42" of the vent. Some code allows more, but I don't believe that any code anywhere allows an 8' trap arm on 1-1/2" pipe. The vent take off CANNOT be below the floor. I believe that you may have created quite a mess for yourself by installing new cabinets without first taking care of the kitchen drainage and vent lines.:-(
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