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Posted by jack on February 08, 2004 at 09:14:02:
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Thanks Bartman and Greg,
Very good advice. It's good to know my concern is validated. If possible, I will try and run the vent through the back of the cabinets. If that doesn't work, (because of the clearance behind the dishwasher, drawers etc) I'll have to rethink. I can't afford to lose any space.


P agree with Bartman, although my house is 30 years old and I found the plumber did indeed drill a 2" hole in my 2x4 stud. I cringed upon this site. That in addition to someone notching the king stud to install another electrical outlet, so I was left with essentially a 1" stud for support...but I digress. Technically, you can bore out 40% of a load-bearing stud, but I wouldn't, so you're right to be concerned. Sometimes, overengineering is wise.

: Several options: 1. plumb around the studs, inside the cabinetry; 2. install a cabinet-height half wall/knee wall through which you can bore away; 3. install another interior wall to allow for boring). In my house, I installed another interior wall abutting the original. Of course, options 2 and 3 are if you don't mind losing a little space, but it's worth it if you can.

: Good Luck and Have Fun.

: Greg

: : Hello,
: : I will be relocating my kitchen and will be puting the sink against an exterior load-bearing 2x4 wall. I can run the drain through the basement with no problem, but I will have to run the vent accross that exterior wall about 6 feet to tie in with an adjacent bathroom vent. I am a little hesitant about drilling 2 inch holes in my exterior studs. My questions are: 1. Should I be so worried? 2. Does the vent pipe have to be the same diameter as the drain?

: : Thanks for your help
: : Jack

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