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Posted by Ken on February 08, 2004 at 05:03:38:
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: Ken - Even if the cleanout is cast iron, IPS threads = NPT threads. Pipe size, thread size and pitch are the same on iron or galvanized. There is a mfrs. standard for 2-1/2" pipe, but it is not commonly stocked or used in residential plumbing. I just want to make sure, when you say 2" you're talking the pipe size and not the actual measured dimension across the plug. Is there any chance the pipe size of your cleanout is really 1-1/4", and your trying to plug it with a 1-1/2" plug? Cuz 1-1/2" pipe really has an OD of almost 2", and its a common mistake.

Bartman, Thanks for your advices. I learned a few things from you.

The inside diameter is 2-1/4", the hub-type outer wall is 1/2" thick, so the total OD is 3-1/4". I got a 2" test plug in a plumbing supply store that expands to 2-1/4" and stuck it into the cleanout. Then I got someone to flush water from another cleanout upstream for 10 minutes. It did not leak. Sealed all the cleanout and ran water for 15 minutes, and it did not leak.

Not as good as fixing up the cleanout thread and plug it up with a threaded plastic 2" plug. Actually, a 3" PVC Cap (with the cramp) may work also because the cap diameter is 3-1/4" and the clean out has about 1" of space for the cap to cramp down. But I was tire of going down to the crawl space. So I took the easy way out. Thanks for your help.

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