new shower design but how to position jets on wall?
Posted by gus on February 07, 2004 at 20:38:57:
We have an area 4ft by 6ft for a walk in shower. We are going with a 4ft x 4ft shower in that area and have the grohe fixtures picked out with temp control that will go on the right wall as you walk into the shower. This is all new plumbing and going on a cement floor (it is in basement) but touches no outside walls. We want to design in body jets on the left wall as you walk into the shower. What height should they be or how far apart? We are considering 2-3 jets on the wall and there will be a bench at the bottom of that wall (the whole inside will be large tiles) about 20 inches from the floor of the shower. My wife is 5 feet tall and I am just over 6 feet tall so we are confused on placement of the jets and want some opinions. We have searched the internet with no help in designing spacing or height for the body jets but just diagrams showing configurations. Also, we were going to put an additional water shutoff for the jets so you could 'regular shower' or shower with jets. Looks like the 4 jets and shower head will take 10 gallons per minute but house pressure and line size will accomodate that.

In short, what are common heights to use or common spacing between jets or heights in relation to body location for body jets - and do you have any sites to link us to for additional hints/tips/design aids for body jets?

Thanks in advance for any input...


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