Re: leaks when connecting sink stopper pipe to plastic piping
Posted by Deb on February 07, 2004 at 17:08:30:
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: : : I have connected the metal pipe that is part of my sink-stopper kit to a new plastic piping "slip joint extension tube." I followed the instructions and did not use any sealent and only tightened the nuts over the washer with my hand, but there is a slight leak.

: : : I have something called "plumber's goop" and plumber's putty on hand. Would these work as additional sealent between the two pipes or should I be using something stronger or more appropriate.

: : : I know these packs tell you to just fit the pipes together and tighten things up, but is there a more reliable way to connect these? This is the only place where I am connecting metal to plastic. These are not connected to the trap so I can't imagine that I'd ever want to dismantle this section.

: : : Thanks, Rupert.

: : Do not use any kind of sealant--you don't need it. And this will at some point need to be disassembled.
: : I always use a metal nut when connecting to metal, even if the sink strainer came with a plastic nut. Make sure that you are using the correct flat washer and tailpiece. This washer is different than the other slip fit washers. I always use channel locks to get an extra snug on these nuts too. Everything must also line up square.
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: : The Pipewench

: Thanks for the follow-up.

: So the metal nut and special "flat" washer should screw on to my platic connector piece? Are they usually sold together at the hardware store? The piece I have just says 1 1/4''...I want to make sure that I get the correct piece to use with this piece. -R

: I just want to make sure that I get the correct

Sorry if I confused you. I don't know why I assumed (you know what they say about assuming) you were talking about a kitchen sink....
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