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Posted by hj on February 07, 2004 at 16:36:11:
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It IS technically accurate, and the only proper way, (even grease interceptors are a form of "P" trap), except for toilets. It is just not the only way if you are just talking about traps in general and their functions.

: HJ,

: True. I often use "P-trap" universally for all trap applications, although technically (as you point out), that is not accurate.

: : Actually, all traps do that, whether "S", "P", "3/4 S", or whatever. The thing that makes a trap a "P" trap is its shape not its function.

: : : To add to HJ's, a P trap (that doesn't leak or dry out) maintains a water seal that prevents sewer gases (and even insects - large American cockroaches) from entering the house via the sewer system.

: : : : What is a pea trap?

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