2 Overflowing Toliets
Posted by leigh on February 07, 2004 at 10:58:02:
In the past(a year or more ago) I had put paper towels & dog waste into one of the toilets. Although I do not do this anymore, that toilet will usually NOT flush - the water always rises near the top (but does not overflow) & has to be plunged constantly. The master bath toliet is now starting to give us trouble . It normally has a very powerful flush, but 3-4 times already in the past 2 weeks it has overflowed & poured toilet water all over the floor. My husband has plunged & used an auger on both toilets to no avail.I've used drain-o & that hasn't helped either. Can these problems in both toilets be related ?... and what to do now? Thanks in advance for your input & help

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