Re: Hot water faucet noise (hammer, whine), pressure drop
Posted by Deb on February 07, 2004 at 10:19:32:
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: Hello,

: I have had this problem for a couple of months and the behavior has evolved as follows:

: - the hot water faucet in my bath suddenly started making a continuous jack-hammer like noise when the water volume was turned UP. The noise would go away if the volume was turned down. This behavior continued for a month or so. Sometimes the noise was more like a whine (don't remember very well, but the hammer may have given way to a whiny noise).
: - recently, the hammering noise has gone away - instead as the volume is tuned up, at some point, there is sharp thud (just once, not continuous), and immediately the volume goes down by itself.

: This is a 2 year old building, middle floor in a 6 floor building, only one faucet. Any pointers will be appreciated!

: Thanks,
: ranga

It sounds like a loose and/or swollen washer in the tub valve or possibly some other debris. Shut the water off, disassemble the valve and inspect the hot stem and washer. Flush the line while things are apart.
The Pipewench

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