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Posted by hj on February 06, 2004 at 21:56:53:
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he bottom one always heats. It is the top one that only operates when the hot water is getting depleted and starts to cool down the water in the top of the tank. It has nothing to do with the thremostat settings. But if the upper one is set too low, then by the time it turns on the water in the tank will already be in the cool range. And if it is too high, then it will "overheat" the top of the tank and then when the lower element turns on, its added temperature could cause the top of the tank to reach a critical temperature and trip the red high limit reset button.

: Someone told me that if you set your thermostats on an electric water heater for the same temperature your bottom element will not heat. I don't believe this but I need some back-up.

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