Re: replumb house
Posted by Gary Swart on February 06, 2004 at 17:21:08:
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This is of your doing. The malfunction of the plumber's equipment has created the problem. This is a hazzard of being in business working on other peoples' property. He is responsible of the repair/replacement. If in the process of doing this he can improve your drain system, you would be expected to cover the added expense of the improvement. I would advise you to discuss this with an attorney. If the plumber is licensed and bonded, it should be no major problem, but insurance companies sometimes balk at paying in hopes the injured party will back off. An attorney can give you proper legal advice. Don't wait, and don't agree to anything until you have legal advise. The cost for digging a trench as deep as a drain line could easily run into several thousand dollars.

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