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Posted by Hube on February 06, 2004 at 16:14:56:
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: : : My pump still pumps water; but it no longer shuts off. When I turn it on the pressure gauge creeps up to 40#, then just stays there and will not go any higher nor kick off. In the past, I think it kicked on at 40# and kicked off at 60#. Since it ran a long time without rest before I discovered this, I thought that maybe the impeller was damaged from heat. So I replaced the impeller but my problem remained. I fiddled around a little with the screws on the pressure switch, but did not really know what I was doing. Any idea on a) what my problem is and b) how to get the pressure switch readjusted to the proper position? Is this a jet (out of well) or a sub pump (in the well)? Is this a Square D pumptrol switch? Let us know and we will advise further. Hube
: Hube---
: Thanks so much for agreeing to help me.
: My pump is a Craftsman Shallow Well Jet Pump (� HP; 40/60 pressure; Model # 390-251882). It sits atop a Sears Captive Air Water Tank. The whole thing sits atop my well. The foot valve is about ten feet below the pump; but lately the well has been full to the top, which means the water level is only a couple of feet below the pump. I don�t know whether the switch is a �D� . The rectangular black plastic cover which fits over the switch does not contain a model number, but says: Type: SK-2 Model: STA-RITE Part Number But then there is no number. The switch contains four raised screws in a straight line which hold wires; and there are three lower adjustment screws: #1 is in the middle, with #�s 2 and 3 on either side. Instructions in the cover say: Device Adjustment: 1) Turn nut #1 CW to raise cut on & off pressure 2) Turn nut #2 to raise cut off pressure only
: I do not understand these instructions. (I did not install this system, although I have replaced a few parts through the years). Furthermore, I do not know why the switch would be out of adjustment, anyway. I have never had to adjust it before (I was just fiddling with it lately out of desperation).
: Let me recap this: my water pipes into the house froze, then unthawed---although I don�t think the pump froze. Now my problem is that the pump goes up to 40# pressure, then just keeps running without shutting off. I replaced the impeller and re-plumbed several fittings which were leaking. I now have only a slight dribble where the hose from the tank attaches to the pump outlet. This (lack of leaks) is better than it has been in years. Since this problem developed I have kept the power to the pump shut off except when I am running water in my house. But even when it is shut off overnight, the system seems to hold pressure at 40#. The pump just won�t shut off.
: Thanks�
: ---sam SAM. Try draining (power off) the tank of all water,check what the air pressure is. The AIR pressure in the tank should be 2 lbs below the pump cut-in pressure.If it needs air, use a bike pump. Try the pump out for performance. Post back with the results....Hube

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