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Posted by ED on February 06, 2004 at 16:07:08:
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I got that point right before I hit submit, but I thought if someone else is in a similar situation it would be good to touch on the (electrical)basics, nonetheless.

Thanks anyway for calling me on it!

hj - you da plumbing master!

: He said he is replacing an existing heater, not making a new installation.

: : You must run a flexible conduit with the wires inside. That's code. Generally a tank type WH runs
: : 240V 30Amp (Double breaker). You also need to run #10 AWG wires for 30 amps - this is VERY important. Make sure your panel can handle the extra load. "Normally" not a problem.

: : If you pick up a How-to book on plumbing and or electrical, they can outline and illustrate the process.

: : Be VERY CAREFUL if you attempt to work in your Service Panel, the current can and will kill if abused!

: : : : Hi, I want to replace my old electric hot water tank with a new one. I have soldered pipe before so that's not the problem but is it easy to do the wiring. I have done basic wiring in the house before. I am going to pull the covers off the tank tonight to see how it is wired. Is this a job I could do myself.

: : : : Thanks

: : : Soldering will probably give you a tougher time than the wiring. You should have conduit that goes into the top of the tank. There is a small well there with a cover for the wires.
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