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Posted by Deb on February 06, 2004 at 10:55:32:
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: my toilet is plugged. its my fault. have a new puppy who during the frigid tempatures and snow in the last month was using the paper to do his business. I would use either toilet paper or paper towels to pick up and toss in toilet. I think the paper towels were to much. Is there anything I can do short of a plumber? the expense is not something I cna afford right now.

: Thank you
: Sally in Buffalo

The clog is most likely right in the toilet itself and can probably be removed with a closet auger. They are not alot of money and you can buy one at any home improvement store. Be sure you buy a closet auger.

Paper towels should NEVER be put down a toilet. The same goes for baby wipes, condoms, tampons, dental floss, q-tips, etc, etc. Toilets are not gargage cans. Toilets are for human (or puppy) waste and toilet paper. Period.

I would suggest gallon zip lock bags for the puppy papers. :-)

The Pipewench

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