Re: Sewer smell in house is HORRIBLE
Posted by Speculative follow up on February 06, 2004 at 08:05:13:
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The Sewer gas may be coming up from the drain lines such as under your sink. This gas is normally stopped by the water in the P-trap between the sink and the drain line. Why would the P-trap not be filled with water? One answer may be an unused sink such as in a guest bathroom or utility room which has gone unused so long that the water in the P has simply evaporated out. Another answer is that an air vent has become plugged. Without a clear air way, the vacuum of the water draining away pulls air through the appliances, this vacuum sucks the water out of the P-trap leaving an open path for the sewer gas. If this is the case, going up on the roof and snaking out the air vent will restore the air flow.

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