Banging pipes
Posted by Madonna on February 06, 2004 at 07:59:48:
I wrote last month because a plumber recommended installing a PRV when we were experiencing unusually high water pressure. Since the PRV was installed we had extremely low pressure, banging pipes and squealing showers. The plumber had to come back several times. (That is a longer story.) They did replace the PRV because it was very clogged after three weeks. He checked the pressure at the hot water heater and said it was 65 psi which meant the house pressure was 55 psi. I don�t believe this was correct because it was taking a toilet 5 minutes to fill.

We wrote the plumbing company and requested that the PRV be removed and our money be refunded because the PRV was installed without any type of diagnosis or verification that it was necessary. It was removed yesterday and, again, the psi was checked at the hot water heater which was 60 psi. The plumber said the house psi was 50, which meant it had dropped and our pressure problem was coming from outside the house. Please note that I did have the local water company come and check their pressure before I wrote the plumber. Should I call again?

We have noticed an increase in the water pressure and the same toilet is filling a lot faster. But, now the copper pipes in the basement are banging after the water is turned on and turned off. What can we do to stop this?

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