Sewer smell in house is HORRIBLE
Posted by April on February 05, 2004 at 19:10:22:
OK, keeping it brief with the highlights. Two things, had my septic tank pumped in the summer because it back up in the drain in our laundry room. All seemed fine. Second, hot water heater busted and flooded our downstairs, before specialists were called in mildew smell was developing (bottom level is our main living area and it's a concrete slab). A month after the hot water heater incident, the smell started. We assumed it was mildew, but later agreed it was sewer gas. The more we used our heat this winter the worse the smell has gotten. I'm so bad I'm seriously concerned about lighting a match, much less living here. My husband is a good but busy man, I can't take this anymore please help me. He claims the smell is being sucked in by our heat pump. If so, why didn't it do it last winter? He also plans to extend the pipe on our house this weekend in hopes that will help. Please, any advice you can offer will be so appreciated. Sincerely, April

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